Learn The Simple Food Strategies I used to lose 3 stone in weight, get fit and keep the weight off! (100s of recipes included)

How Perfecting My Nutrition Changed...


This was me in 2011. At that stage, I had been working as GP for 8 years. I was tired, overweight and inflammed. Look at my skin! 


My Acne didn't clear until I started putting healthy behaviours in place. That starts with nutrition.


Since then, I have gone on to become a European medal-winning Triathlete. I studied with and learned from experts in Sports & Health Nutrition.


This is something we don't get taught in medical school! I have put everything I have learned into this nutrition course, designed for you to be easy to follow in 5 steps.


The Proven Way To Improve Skin & Body Health WITHOUT Counting Calories (and How to Know Exactly What is Going Into Your Body Everyday)

  • 6 Modules of Video Content

    Containing 13 professionally recorded educational videos teaching you what, how and why you choose the best food for your body

  • 5 Easy Steps

    Knowing what and what not to eat can be so confusing, with mixed messages coming from the media all the time. This course clears up that confusion.

  • Recipes & Meal Planners Included

    No matter what your food preferences, I have included recipe packs to suit meat eaters, vegetarian and vegan palates.

  • Hormonal Response

    Stop blaming yourself for being a failure! It's not always about what or how much you eat. You can control your hormone levels to help with weight management and reduce inflammation. I'll show you how without medications.

  • Food Timing

    Learning when, and when not to eat, will help your sleep, reducing weight, inflammation and give you way more energy to get all the stuff you need done in your busy life.


  • Take Control of Your Hunger

    Avoid mid-morning hunger and crashes and dips in your energy.

    Learn to control your hunger without getting cravings for food you know is not best for you.

  • Learn in Your Own Time

    This online video course is split over 5 simple steps. Over the 13 short videos you will learn what you need at your own pace. You have lifelong access and can watch back as often as you like!

  • Done For You Meal Plans and Recipes!

    I have included recipe packs with done for you meal planners and shopping lists.

    Packs for vegetarian and vegans are included.

  • Enjoy Your Food

    Having confidence in knowing that you are taking steps that will improve your skin health, but also your overall health and control weight will help you enjoy you food in a much more satisfying way. 

    After completing this course you will know more about nutrition than most doctors!

Does This Course Actually WORK...?!

I have lots of energy. At ten I eat breakfast and the food train goes to six pm. Two months (including 5 weeks in the swedish jungle 🌴 ) into the program I feel great and have actually lost half a stone.


Approaching 40 and after a prolonged stagnant status of trying to lose weight, even though I was in my own mind doing the right things with regards to exercise, food and drink from previous experiences of slimming world, bad advise from friends and online recommendations I was nearly ready to just give up. But thankfully I found Finbars course. What I have learned is changing my life!


What EXACTLY Are You Getting...?!

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Perfect Your Nutrition... FAST!

Step 1: Raise Your Awareness

A lot of the time we get caught in a trap of living on auto pilot- doing what we have always done, but expecting different results.

Did you ever find yourself staring into the fridge, eve when you're not hungry!?

  • Identify what you eat
  • Become aware when you eat
  • Be aware of the nutritional breakdown of your foods

Step 2: Know Your Food

This is not as complicated as it is often made out. I share practice advice, so that you know how to make the right food choices for you and your family

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Minerals and vitamins

Step 3: Hormonal Response to Food

Its not all about what you eat!

  •  Learn why insulin is essential even if you are not diabetic.
  • Stress plays a major role in our ability to digest and use food. Learn about that impact and start to manage it.

Step 4: What's In & What's Out

Should you give up dairy, or anything else?

  • Download recipe packs
  • Meal planners
  • Shopping lists
  • Elimination Diets

Step 5: Timing of Food

Should you have breakfast? Is fasting dangerous?

  • Learn about your bodies natural circadian rhythms
  • Learn if you should eat breakfast or not, and what it should be
  • Why fast? What are the benefits? How do you do it?

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Meet Your Coach

Dr Finbar McGrady
(GPwSI Dermatology

Elite Level Age Group Triathlete)


I have gone through a personal health transformation over the past 8 years and know that medicine is not the only answer.

  • Medical Doctor since 1999

  • Lost 20kg (over 3stone) in 2013 and kept it off

  • Award winning Teacher to medical students & doctors

  • Cracked the code to healthy living without a prescription pad

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the course once I place my order?

How long will I get access to the course for?

Is it Interactive and can I ask Questions to the trainer?

Absolutely. This course includes a dedictated helpdesk for ongoing support.

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You can use any of your devices such as a Laptop, computer, iPad, Tablet or even smartphone.

Get LIFETIME Access + Updates To The ENTIRE COURSE: 'Perecting Your Nutrition'

(Normally £299)

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