Medical Background before Dermatology


I graduated from Queens University Belfast (QUB) in 1999 and following a year in Belfast City & Downe Hospitals I worked a year in A&E in Queensland Australia. I undertook my GP training on returning home and completed that in 2005, when I joined the Royal College of General Practitioners.  I also undertook some research as part of my training and was awarded with my Masters degree (MPhil) in 2006. I followed that up with Qualification in Teaching in 2007. I have been a Clinical Teacher at QUB since 2003.


I became a full time GP Partner in 2006 in Crossgar, Co-Down. During that time I performed minor surgery for my patients, removing cysts and skin tags but not dealing with any skin cancers.

Optimising Health


Since my sabbatical in 2012 I also underwent a personal health transformation; physically and mentally. I lost 3 stone in weight and became more conscious of what I was eating. I became increasing competitive, taking up sport again after 15 years with next to no exercise. I am now considered an elite triathlete having won 3 European medals in the sport representing Ireland.


As a doctor, both in general practice and in dermatology I was taught recognise illness, make a diagnosis and provide a treatment plan. I always believed supplements and other products were unnecessary so long as you didn't smoke, did a bit of exercise and watched your weight. 


That might indeed be correct when looking at the evidence base for treating illness, however it totally misses that fact that many people don't just want to live free from illness, they want to optimise their health.


This holds true for general health and longevity (reducing risk of chronic disease from Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and Alzheimer's dementia) but also in skin health.


To optimise your skin health you must optimise your overall health. 


My mission


My mission is to provide an excellent and safe service to all patients and to:

  1. save lives by detecting and treating skin cancers early and to reassure patients on lengthy waiting lists who have benign skin lesions.
  2. improve patients skin health and overall wellbeing by provide easily understandable, practical education and advice. 


As your skin is part of your whole self the advice will also include information which will help your overall health & wellbeing. I advise on how and why to improve sleep, exercise, diet and manage stress levels.


I will advise on prescription medicines, supplements, probiotics and skin treatments which have an evidence base and are proven to help your skin. Many of these benefits will spill over into your general health, reducing your risk of chronic disease and increasing your health and vitality. It worked for me and works for many others.


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Dr Finbar McGrady

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