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Dr Finbars' Skin Clinic

I'm a GP with Special Interest and training in Dermatology including skin lesions (cancers, lumps and bumps) and skin rashes.


I will help you reduce your risks of skin cancer, signs of aging and optimise your skin health.

I have experience in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of skin conditions and uses state of the art technologies to diagnose and monitor conditions such as the dermatoscope.


I am an International Speaker and educate other doctors students and health care practitioners in skin lesion diagnosis and management.


*Insurance: Please note that health insurance companies may not cover private service by GPs with a Special Interest. Please check with them first.*

My Services

  • Skin Cancer Screening and mole checks

    I perform full skin checks to catch the first signs of skin cancer so these can be treated early. 

    I can record images on my secure system and give you lifelong access to compare for any changes.

  • Skin Surgery

    I am trained in skin surgery and am a member of the Southern Trust Multidisciplinary Skin Cancer Team.

    I can remove moles, cysts and other problem lesions.

  • Treatment for skin cancer prevention, signs of aging and optimising skin health

    I think we can do more than just treat disease and illness. I strive for optimal health in myself and my patients. I advise on and provide a range of options for optimising health.

  • Range of treatments for Acne, Psoriasis & Eczema etc...

    I have been a GP since 2002 and specialised in skin since 2014. I have worked in a hospital dermatology clinic since then.


Here are a few things that patients have said about Dr Finbars' Skin Clinic.

(Taken from my Facebook Review page)


LC, Sep 2021

I can’t recommend Dr Finbar enough. He is so professional and instantly puts you at ease. I have been to him a number of times for both myself and my two children. He is an excellent clinician.

MMK, Jan 2021

“I suffered from Eczema on my face and neck for some time . A friend recommended Finbar ‘s Skin Clinic following successful treatment of similar type.

He introduced me to a cream mixture which I can use regularly and which has successfully cleared the Eczema . I found the initial visit followed by regular direct email updates to be extremely effective and real value for money . My skin is now in great condition.

FInbar is a very caring , compassionate and knowledgeable professional who goes above and beyond to help patients referred to him .

The result ps speak for themselves & I have no hesitation in highly recommending Finbars Skin Clinic

WD, Jan 2020


Dr Finbar instantly put me at ease and, like he said, the procedure really was painless!




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